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David Tipoki

About David Tipoki: During the great feasts and special functions held on the traditional marae of David's home area of Wairoa, all the young boys of his age were roped into helping with kitchen and cleaning duties mostly. Those who have actually experienced these activities know the huge amount of effort that goes into catering for visitors and families alike and everyone is expected to chip in.

Not David.

There just wasnt enough fun in it.
In order to dodge the "menial" chores undertaken by his contemporaries David would linger at the front of the marae where all the formal speech-making, story-telling, dancing and singing was going on. Before long the history, the geneologies, the culture, the rhythms and rhymes of his Maori heritage started to sink in and stick in his mind. Luckily he appreciated his learning experiences and started to expand on what he was taught.

If there is anything to describe David's style of music you need to meet the man.

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