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Tha Circle

About Tha Circle: Born and raised from East Atlants aka "Zone 6", the trio known to the streets as TC began their career in 04 only recording music for entertainment. It wasn't until 2006 when the group decided to put together all the material they recorded on 1 cd and begin to distribute it throught the streets and online via soundclick & myspace. Not knowing how much success the Cd would do, the group continued to record, and the group quickly became #1 online and was most requested at that time.By early 2007 the group had established a well rounded internet fan base with many loyal followers. The group went on to persue labels to get the extra exposure they needed, so they went to Big Cat Records, which was at the time one of the prominent labels based out of Atlanta, the deal didnt work out due to other issues within the label so TC was back at square one. In 2008 the group continued to put out music to their online fans, but as time went on the group was getting older and more responsibilities was starting to take effect. In 2009 the group put out a mixtape of previously released and new material to keep their name buzzing. The mixtape didnt recieve the exposure it was destined to recieve so the group went back in the studio and recently released their latest street album "2 Sides 2 A Story" Hosted by Dj Phase 3 which is doing extremely well in the streets and online. The groups current single "Freak On Da Low" which is available online on Itunes.

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