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About EE2: Cory Tselikis aka EE2 or EE Squared is a natural‐born music producer. He is influenced by the musical
sounds of artists such as Enigma / Michael Cretu, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and some other great artists
like Gigi D’Agostino, Paul Van Dyke, Armin Van Buren, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Helden and Tiesto. His
musical diversity allows him the ability to appreciate all genres and create music compilations that draw
on such diverse sounds and rhythms to create unique songs.

EE2’s music not only draws upon the audience’s sense of hearing, but also on their sense of touch
because his music really moves you and you can feel the energy throughout your body. EE2’s music also
has an emotional element to it, in conjunction with the moving sounds, his music drives your mind,
heart and soul.


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