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About Lovewhip: Dancing. Sex. Whips. It’s all fair game for Boston, MA based Electro group Lovewhip who whip up furiously infectious dance songs for those who love shaking that ass on the dancefloor.

Lovewhip was born in the 1990’s when Jim Countryman, whose punk band Usalos had recently broken up, met Erin Harpe. The two decided to combine his Caribbean-influenced Rock skills with her Delta Blues background. Thus, Lovewhip was born as Rock/Punk/Folk band with Caribbean, Jamaican and African rhythms.

After releasing three albums and winning the Boston Music Award in 2004, Harpe and Countryman decided to change their sound. They cut the band’s ranks down from an eight-piece to a four-piece with members doubling on synth, 2nd guitar, percussion and drums.

The group drew on the sounds of artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Beck, Peaches, MIA and Gwen Stefani for their fourth and most ambitious album to date, Love Electric. The album is a 10 track dance festival with hits like “Gimme That,” “Drama Queen,” “Wrecking Machine.”

The music features retro synthesizers that bob alongside hypnotic vocals over a sea of thumping bass lines and a tight rhythm section. It all comes together like a Kraftwerk cover band hanging out with Fischerspooner on a DEVO appreciation night at the hottest dance club in town.

Look for more Lovewhip action in 2010.


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