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Michael Horsphol

About Michael Horsphol: he music on this album definitely has major classical elements along with worldly sensations. The sound has a very powerful effect on the listener and that is due in big part to its cinematic approach. The twists and turns mixed with dramatic spins can all be heard by the way this Australian native composed these numbers. Makes sense that Horsphol has already done soundtrack work for small productions in Australia and the United States. Soundtracks for major motion pictures seem to be Michael Horsphol’s calling card, just from what I hear on this record.
ight away when I pushed play, I picked up on the movie soundtrack vibe. Just has that feel of watching a movie and this being the music you want to hear to compliment the flick. Couldn’t help but think back to Tim Burton’s Batman and how Danny Elfman’s music score jived perfectly with the movie. I think Horsphol’s recent composition here would also blend in tremendously with a motion picture of that caliber. I would even say perhaps an Action/Suspense/Mystery thriller would be right up Michael’s alley as well.

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