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Little Bark

About Little Bark: Little Bark! An urban urchin, orphaned and abandoned in the city, left alone to grow and prosper in the dirty beating heart of the hard city.

Little Bark! Raised and nurtured on the synthetic swing of Main St. with the nerve and spirit of a survivor.

Late one tragic evening, amidst an earthquake agitation, a disco-ball falls and shards leave scars and tears. She runs in maim and ruin taking the first train from the city and flew away out into the black unseeing night where for ten years nurtured by brown racoons, deep within the tranquil woods and headlands and on the heartland, she learns birdsong beats and monkey rhythm, chirping cricket cadences and whirring beetle meter.

Now returned! Little Bark! Silent as a spider slinking back to from whence she came, slipped back into the brightly glowing city, fame and wealth all waiting for her here, and here comes vengeance!

Here comes terror! Retribution, soul and valour! And the tiny dancing apparition yelping much more softly than her bite chomps, seeks out old haunts of past shame and dishonour, knowing ‘there’s a new beat in my heart now, and everything is lying here waiting for the moment of creation, electrocution, and ignition. All I need is just the starter. All I need, I think I need, I need a shot.

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