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Bernadette Choy music licensing store
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About Bernadette Choy: Bernadette Choy is a composer, arranger and producer for film and TV scoring, concert music, musicals, song writing, music for trailers, promotion videos and sound design for products.
Bernadette graduated in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, major in Music, and further her study in music scoring at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, where she studied Composition of Music for Film and Television and received her Master Degree. In university, Bernadette has composed various film student projects, these include: documentary, animation, promotion bumper and short film. The short film she scored, A Mr. Small's Day has been screened at the Watershed Cinema in the United Kingdom.
Some of her previous works are the national education series for the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), short film Paper Doll FreeD Workshop which broadcast on TVB Jade and Cable TV, charity short film for the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, etc.


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