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Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I.

About Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I.: Ever since young years Paul has had a deep and affectionate love for
soul music, hip-hop, jazz and gospel. It is in the fusion of these
styles you´ll find Pauls´ passionate vocal style.

Björn Almgren aka T.B.O.I. (The Brother Of Invention) is a well known
Swedish jazz saxophonist. Through the years he has made connection
with a wide array of musical genres and has toured much of Sweden and
Europe. Also a talanted drummer, Björn has been involved in a number
of settings exploring everything from reggae to soul, RnB and hip-hop.
Joined together while playing in a live hip-hop act they discovered a
common love for music, which eventually evolved into a creative
collaboration between the two. The result is their very own soulful
sound with influences of Jazz, Hip Hop and RnB.

Paul has been featured as a guest vocalist on various projects, for
example with gospel legend Andrae Crouch, Bennson, The Bamboos,
Stray, Ernesto, Swell Session, Favorite Flava, The Padinton orchestra, Yukimi Nagano,
and the Soul Togetherness compilation (Expansion Records) etc.

T.B.O.I. has played with Georgie Fame, Black Moses, Live Music, Håkan
Hellström, Nazarenes, ADL, Yukimi Nagano, Stray and numerous other
Swedish performers.

The live act is an essential part of Paul & T.B.O.I.´s artistry.
Bringing together an array of very skilled musicians, they are known
for their infectious live shows. Depending on the venue, Paul and
T.B.O.I uses different band settings. )

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