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New Villager music licensing store
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New Villager

About New Villager: "NewVillager is NewPop, Michael Jackson meets the Beatles. Here it comes." - Bob Berryman, Big Direction Music, April 2009

"NewVillager, who recently played with Brooklyn dream-weavers High Places, can be forgiven a little bravado-- especially when it's sort of justified. "Rich Doors" starts with clanging Hot 97 percussion and shape-shifting electronics, then drags the whole thing through drifting, effects-soaked translucence. The bright earworm of a melody reminds of nothing so much as (sorry) "Truly Madly Deeply", but the production is, well, "rich" enough you can forget I ever said that." - Pitchfork

'It's about time some bands started sounding like they could be opening for Devo on their Freedom of Choice tour or Sparks supporting No. 1 in Heaven." - RCRDLBL

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