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About JGTraveler:
Othello Gooden Jr. was born on January 13, 1985, a native to the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was taught from an early age how to read and speak efficiently while attending a ministry school, regularly giving sermons in front of a small to large audience.

In grade school, Othello took in interest in Science Fiction and from these influences, he wrote his first short story. In the 9th grade, Othello enrolled in the School for Creative and Performing Arts as an instrumental music major but shared it with his love of writing.

Now in his early 20s, Othello’s continued writing, serving on the UC Raymond Walters College’s RWC activist newspaper for the 2007-08 school year. Away from school, Othello uses his reading in speaking abilities in his ministry to help others understand what the Bible really teaches.

After graduating from RWC in the summer of 2009, Othello continues to write in an interactive storytelling environment. He also hosts webinars on YouTube, talking about his stories, and writing songs, expression his musical talents online in front of thousands.

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