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About Prayer/Life: Prayer/Life – Music that stays with you.
This music is different – written in response to the Sprit’s leading only – unforgettable and beautiful.
This message is different – a psychologist’s rich interpretations of scripture and wise observations of life, people, self.
This band is different -- different generations, different cultures, different cities, different professions (a psychologist and an engineer?!), different traditions (social justice activism and charismatic gifting). Nevertheless God brought us together and gave us some vastly beautiful music and profound lyrics.
This project is different – based on prayer, waiting, and radical trust vs. striving and strategy. We are seeking the big plan or purpose for each song in someone’s life.
John and Andrea met up in the unlikely venue of Craigslist and became a powerful writing duo.
Andrea's voice has been called "unique" and "special". John has crazy piano skills--a musician's musician. Andrea's lyrics are deep and poetic and enticingly lead people back to the scriptures. Our songwriting has jumped out and caught the attention of experienced industry people.
Patrick Siegel of New Artist Avenue heard us on Myspace and asked to produce our unique songs using a top CCM production team, namely multi-gold & platinum Bill Whittington and Blair Masters.
Debra Byrd, vocal coach on American Idol, has enthusiastically supported the project, especially her favorite song from the debut album: “Your Mark”.

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