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Bruce Mac Vaughn music licensing store
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Bruce Mac Vaughn

About Bruce Mac Vaughn: My musical interest started around age 4 when I discovered the piano. At age 14, I taught myself how to play bass guitar, and took a position playing upright bass in the school Jazz band. I continued to play upright and electric bass throughout high school and college in Jazz band, and in an alternative band called Clockwize. Clockwize was my first experience composing music.
In 1997, I started Djing under the name Uphonic and started the first electronic club in my hometown dedicated to trance and techno. Shortly after, I moved to San Francisco and had a career as a full time DJ until 2004. I started composing electronic music in 2003 and also started performing my music live incorporating vocals and live guitar/bass. I took a break from djing/performing in 2004 to focus on writing music and sound design. Since then I have also started composing commercial music and have written for web sites, advertisements and video. In 2009 I released my first dance remix on Beatport and have numerous scheduled releases for 2010. I am also a snake charmer… but that’s another story.


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