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Depressed Billionaires music licensing store
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Depressed Billionaires

About Depressed Billionaires: Brothers Ian & Winn spent the 1990's in Omaha,NE writing music, djing, working in record shops and admiring the music during the era of illegal raves in abandon barns and rural pastures. That scene which has transformed into a now historic indie rock scene. They've taken cue from a broad range of influences.Their love of classic dance music (Inner City, The KLF, S'Express,) underground Chicago and Detroit techno as well as modern indie rock and dance music (Miss Kitten,The Juan Maclean, Gregor Tresher, Rex The Dog, The Faint.) Fast forward to the 2000's where the now Brooklyn based duo have finished a full length album. They pass their time wandering the streets of downtown and recreating the magnificence of the NYC skyline through simple bass and synth syncopation.After writing and rewriting songs over the years mutual friend and classic techno producer Mark Verbos encouraged them to collaborate in his Brooklyn studio with their material.


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