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Rattlin Bone

About Rattlin Bone: Wily Bo Walker's very own dark, twisted fantasy is the No 1 Voodoo Jazz / Swamp Burlesque band in the world!


Wily Bo Walker continues his wild frontman swagger as Ringmaster of the madcap burlesque voodoo circus that is 'Rattlin Bone'

Joining him is demon trombone player L'il Neill, a nightcrawling desperado and an artist with a deviant palette.

Including a host of vaudeville and sideshow artists…keeping' that ol' swamp burlesque show bump'n'grinding along…

Wily Bo released the debut album 'The Life And Times Of…Rattlin Bone' and is currently writing the second album 'It's Been A Wonderful Life…'

More info on Wily Bo Walker's Official site: http://wilybo.com

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