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About Evestus: The development of Evestus started in 2003 as a totally personal project. With no compromise and no surrender to the laws of composing. It was nothing more than self indulgence.

In 2004 however, Evestus got signed to Dtrash records with his first release "Destiny in Life". A collection of works originally put together for close friends and family. The label however expected more from Evestus and so in 2006 a concept album "Wastelands" was released. Influenced by the bestseller PC game "Fallout 2". "Wastelands" got 7.5/10 from "Terrorizer" and 7/10 from Virus Magazine.

"This is Dramacore!"

After the huge success of "Wastelands", and turning down hundreds of requests to play live, Evestus decided to create something colossal. To create a band and an album that had plenty of everything todays industrial and alternative music lacks - balls and originality.

"This Is Dramacore" is a whole concept that Evestus has been building since 2006 - The Music, The Show and the Movement. Test shows were given in 2007, 2008 and 2009 to develop the live concept. In 2010 "This Is Dramacore" will be released and industrial music shall be redefined.

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