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About Vinilette: Vinilette is a female dj, producer and audio technician from Barcelona. Her music imaginary grew with her first contact with the 90’s electronic sound – she always have music with her, as a good melomaniac. It was at the last decade, with underground radio experiencies, when she started to model her background base: indie, bleep, house, techno ...

She has a very wide selection of music. If you are lucky enough as to smell her dj case, you might find a trend towards the chaos and the order, something that can sound paradoxical, but when it comes to her, it’s logical. Her musical taste is diverse because she doesn’t understand music as one more entertainment, but as a work of love –music is her life-, that’s why she always mixes old with new tunes, melodic with abstract, placid with frantic sounds. Different musics for different states of mind that always fit in a coherent way. Vinilette can peel in a session IDM, electro, hypnotic minimal, cyberdelic sounds and even indie-pop. In her universe, the music boundaries are forbidden, though surprises and good sensations are welcome.

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