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Alexander Jannink

About Alexander Jannink: When he was only 2 years old, Alexander loved songs from Paolo Conte. He used to turn up the volume every time these artists appeared on his mother's radio. So eventually music has always been more or less significant for him. He also attented lessons in drums & percussion for a few years. At the age of 10 Alexander started listening to electronical music when he got his first record. In 1998 he started playing with a sequencer on his first computer. At the same time he also started dj'ing on a local scale. He steadily developed his skills during the next few years. In the summer of 2003 he met Emanuele Cisotti in Florence, Italy. Together they started the "D-Motion" studio project. His first gig was in 2004 at a school party in club "P8".

His college years in Maastricht brought new inspiration. Regular visits to notorious basement club "Backstage" with his roommates and occasional nightlife exploration of neighboring cities Liege, Aachen, Cologne as well as Amsterdam caused further development in taste and skills and Eventually a move to Amsterdam seemed as logical as inevitable.

Beside frequent appearances on own imprint Kubism Records, Alexander has done a couple of (netlabel) releases under various monickers as Vanilladisiak, Vanilla Sandro, and The Infinity Symbol. His style ranges from rhythmic, minimal beats to unclassifiable, abstract noise. His current liveset is a fine blend of all these ingredients served with some of dark and experimental scapes.

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