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Dj Dimensia music licensing store
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Dj Dimensia

About Dj Dimensia: Dj Dimensia is one of the top metal/industrial female DJ’s in the New York area. Mixing new and classic versions of the hottest metal hits.

Dimensia was born in Queens, New York in November 1986. She discovered music at a young age through her parents record collections and wanted to be involved in music ever since.

Her first memorable record was Billy Idol’s White Wedding. She used to sit in front of the speakers in her parents home for hours going through all different genres of music. Her true love is in the metal and industrial music scene and is primarily her main focus.

Dimensia started spinning in small out of the way clubs in the Village and the Lower East Side in New York and is now playing small to medium sized venues all over the country, but is always a permanent fixture in the New York club scene.

She is extremely passionate about her craft and is always looking for new, out of the box ways to do what she loves.
Her vision is simple, bring the music she loves to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.


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