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About thAEprojects: Spawning from a long spread lifestyle dedicated to the arts, Alon (Allen) Eida, aka theAEprojects, is an audio engineer perfectionist. Alon has been learning his way around music since early elementary school, where he took lessons playing the clarinet, which after a few short months, his desire led him to classical piano. Along the way, he has been in and out of bands as lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and programmer, all while still learning the foundations and beyond of music theory.

Filtering psychoacoustic illusions into his music, AE has found the unique, yet integrated medley of progressive rock and psychedelic trance. This allows for acoustic instrumentation along with the foundations of the digital era.

As quite the musician, Alon produces and mixes all of his own tracks, along with sit-ins of various other artists. There is no set genre of music, as AE expects his music to touch the many circles of culture, as long as true musicianship is exposed. He would call it, “music for the musically inclined… with a breath of poisoned air.” This idea extends to reshaping the way we perceive a band, hence the word “projects” in the name. Instead of sticking to one particular style of music, theAEprojects will be known for his great music that transcends between the genre-to-genre relationships.

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