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About KP: KP was raised in the southern town of Marianna; an hour away from Florida’s capital. She was brought up in a middle class family and credits her mother for her love of music. She first started singing in her church and then progressed to school talent shows and local events. She has said, “ I loved singing in church. I knew whether I did well or not they would love it. It was at the talent shows that I became nervous.”

Because of her involvement with music from a young age, the choice to make a career out of it came natural. She has been singing and performing in the R&B/soul genre for the last 10 years.

She believes that music is an art, not an industry and her goal is to remind people of that. She wants to create music that persuades people to become fans, not consumers.

She also takes a very active role in charity events as well as periodically hosting her own. When speaking about her good will she states, “I believe that helping people is important. I try to help people through my music but there are many ways to do it. Everyone should be involved.”

She is a passionate woman that cares deeply about her music and the people it touches. She is more than capable of turning the industry back into a music-centered entity instead of the business-centered one it is now.

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