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About Smith: Smith is an electronic artist that comes from a land of ice and snow. Alaska was his home until the day that he was sledding home to his igloo he was caught in a storm and was lost in the woods for 3 weeks. While in the woods he took in all the sounds and lack of sounds that he could hear. He used this event to his advantage and took from it all that he could and put it into this electronic ambient music. He continued making music in Alaska for the next few years until he started college. While in his second year of college he chose to leave and continue with music because he couldn’t stand school.After this event he moved from Alaska and took on a new life in the central Florida area. Here he fine tuned his skills and met many people along the way. At one point he worked with another solo artist called fuck masta and they released an album together then shortly after split up to move on to other things. Now a year later and with new tricks to put into effect Smith is ready to make his mark on central Florida.

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