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Strange Lights

About Strange Lights: We are Strange Lights a Colorado band specializing in crazy and interesting psychedelic folk and pop music. A band that strives to bring a real and strong beautiful presence to both live and recorded music in a very innovative style. Strange Lights is Lonny Roth and Deb Zazzo , playing guitar, bass, and dual vocals since 2000. Strong vocal and instrumental styles contribute to what is probably among the most powerful duo out there, easily able to keep up in the indie rock scene. With pervasive folk, psychedelic, pop and rock influences as well as totally different but equally unusual personal backgrounds, Strange Lights is coining the term “Short Bus Pop” as their style. The "Short Bus" as we define it is possibly the fine line between genius and retardation as well as the fact that no one historically has quite seemed to know correctly where the line is drawn. As of 2009, the introduction of Robert Edsel’s uncommonly beautiful accent style of drumming has expanded the musical dimensions of Strange Lights as a power trio.

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