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About Paul Borgese: Paul Borgese is a Parents' Choice award-winning author and performer. He has been writing children's books and performing to classes around the country and working with teachers to create fun and educational children's programs for over 15 years.

He is the author of five children's books: A Sunday Stroll, When Fish Go Peopling and Hunting for the Whipperwoo, The Spaghetti Confetti Cookbook and Un Paseo Dominical, the Spanish-language version of A Sunday Stroll.

His first musical production, Even The Monkeys Fall Out of the Trees, was a winner of the prestigious Parent's Choice Award. For this production, Paul teamed up with his band, The Strawberry Traffic Jam, to create a delightful ensemble of some of his most famous poems put to music. The album provides a wonderful introduction to world music with songs ranging from country to tango and from rock to island rhythms. Paul's whimsical lyrics, coupled with the musical magic of longtime songwriters, Andrew Ogilvie and Jovanka Ciares, will have parents and children dancing and singing together while learning life-affirming messages. Paul’s second album is Spaghetti Confetti and his third album is entitled The Strawberry Traffic Jam.

Paul also works with WHY Hunger (www.WHYHunger.org), a worldwide organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and poverty around the world. Paul has been named one of the artists against hunger and poverty of this important organization.


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