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Anders Chriss

About Anders Chriss: Having lived the better part of the past decade in China, Swedish musician Anders Chriss has returned to his native country to release his first full-length album. A 7 year musical journey has taken him to festivals, rock clubs, dance clubs and outdoor stages all over mainland China and to Taiwan.

It’s safe to say that Anders Chriss’ music is on the alternative side; but beyond that, pinpointing his style of music has proven to be a challenge. When asked to describe Anders Chriss’ music, a close friend and fellow musician landed on the following: “I’d think Industrial or perhaps Trip-Hop/Indie but with less teen angst – whilst some songs certainly have folk and pop-ish elements.”

With the release of the full album in April 2010 many more interesting attempts on defining Anders Chriss’ music are sure to follow.

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