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Ten Fo music licensing store
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Ten Fo

About Ten Fo: You could scour the entire music industry and still be hard pressed to find two individuals as dynamic and diverse as the two that make up the duo known as “Ten Fo”. After meeting through a mutual friend in Columbus, Ohio, rap artists Brandon “Heazy” Heath and Philip “Allen Lucas” Battle realized they had much more in common then their love for music. The two rappers realized that although their upbringings and musical styles were like day and night their experiences throughout the course of their musical careers were relatively one and the same. In the summer of June 2006 the pair began recording together and performed in numerous local talent showcases. With minimal results they felt it was time to start thinking of a different approach to gaining popularity in the rap game. The two took off a whole year and a half of promoting their music to further develop their craft and chemistry with one another. Now, armed with some of the hottest music and an exceptional blueprint for success the duo is hard at work focused on making “Ten Fo” a household name. People often ask the meaning of the name “Ten Fo” and it’s simply “we’re saying something in this music game, are you”?

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