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Bruce Bush music licensing store
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Bruce Bush

About Bruce Bush: Bruce is a writer/producer and musician from the Chicago area. His love of music began early on when he began playing the guitar at the age of 11. He learned by listening to some of the most famous musicians in the business, his first being the legendary Jimi Hendrix. He later moved on to listening to the popular R&B groups during his early start and began to pick up on anything and everything. He was like a sponge, absorbing every note. He later moved on to the bass, where he credits his training to the late Joe B. Johnson. From there he moved on to the trumpet, drums, and keyboards and has been playing ever since. Bruce is a rare type of musician. He does not just play both bass and lead guitars, but he has tried to truly master both of these instruments, reflective of his playing technique. To witness him play in his unique left hand style, is a treat to behold. He has also won awards from the American Musical Foundation and the Musician’s Institute. Bruce continues to write, produce and totally immerse himself in the art that he truly loves. When you hear the killer guitar and bass track on GameBeat's productions, it's none other than Bruce locking down the groove.

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