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PAKMAN"Da Desi Rapper" music licensing store
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PAKMAN"Da Desi Rapper"

About PAKMAN"Da Desi Rapper": Who is Pakman?
Love and Adore by many fans , Pakman introduce Desi Hip Hop and took music to another level. New Artist starting to emerge to the new genre called "Desi Hip Hop" which was invented by Pakman in 2000 . One of the Originals Musician who accomplish in such time and break boundries where no one ever thought of doing.
In the new Desi music era Pakman is also known to many as "Icon of Desi Hip Hop" and "King of Desi Underground Music".
Other than Desi Hiphop , Pakman has brought many Dance/Electronic music to clubs and radios station which are herd daily on your web/local radio stations.

As we speak , No one knows where he's headed, Pakman is a case of a bad boy on a loose...

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