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About Volcano : Volcano... born Chris Fortson in Detroit MI. High School Graduate... College Dropout... Music Artist, Producer, and entrepreneur. Started off solo as "The Invincible", later growing to "Volcano" a part of the goup Natural Disasters. Emerging from the rubble returning to solo status he founded Volcanic Productions, Cheat Code Publishing and Invincible Entertainment which Collectively became I-ENT Records L.L.C.. Though a solo rap artist and C.E.O. he is also a member of the Roots Fusion band "Cody Stagefright" of Mount Clemens MI. His focus has always been to make Good Music. His talents have been shown in numerous areas across Detroit and has spread to areas such as New York City, Atlanta, Oakland CA, and Chicago just to name a few. He's built a gerat repoire with many artist and studios for his writing, production, song presence and superb ear as a mix engineer. Currently he has released his solo album "The Resume" and is creating his follow up album "90 Days". With the Band Cody Stagefright the E.P. "Champagne Taste On A Kool Ade Wallet" was released and the next E.P. "Pink Iguana" is soon to release. He feels the posibilities for sucess are endless with the collections of songs. In his words "Before you face the world you must face yourself", he has done so and is ready to deliver what the world has been missing... Good Music.

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