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About DestinationDawn: DestinationDawn is a singer-songwriter artist who often has a ethereal dreamlike quality to her music...coined "DreamWave" Many of her songs define the struggle of the human soul through life's journey and the battle between the flesh and the spirit. However, being quite eclectic she composes all kinds of music.

Growing up, She was highly influenced by her parents' show business background. Her parents were the famous "Skating Olympics" and "Olympic Trio" of vaudeville, burlesque, and movie fame.

DestinationDawn began performing on stage as a dancer, and later as a model.
However, music was always a passion in her life. She earned a music scholarship and majored in music in college, studying composition. On the side she tutored in the music department and transposed the orchestral scores for the Festival Orchestra. She has performed in numerous bands of various genre types over the years, ranging from blues all the way to orchestra.

She is also the radio show host of a worldwide music show "StarWing Productions Indie Music Show." This production features and promotes the music of indie artists from all over the world.

StarWing Productions produces all of her compositions
and is owned and operated by DestinationDawn.

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