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About Cassavetes: Cassavetes is proof positive that a band doesn’t have to be experimental to experiment. The Atlanta quartet doesn’t do anything patently outrageous or archly weird in that Tom-Waits-channels-Captain-Beefheart, bang-on-an-anvil-with-a-rusty-rake fashion. It’s just that they approach their folky Americana from a hazily psychedelic perspective. On their debut album, Funny Story, there are moments of exquisite melodicism and moments of reeling dissonance, sometimes within moments of each other - as on the lurching “An Ancient Mistake," where Cassavetes imagines Radiohead as an American folk band from the South.

There’s plenty of textures floating in the sonic atmosphere; feedback, a lonely trumpet and white radio noise all drift through the title track’s tentative and melancholy, after-hours piano melody. And just to show they can, Cassavetes rocks with boozy abandon (“Moved So Slow") and fumblingly deliberate charm (“My Heart, Your Beat"), like a certain solo Replacement we all know and love. It may require a couple of listens to fully comprehend Cassavetes’ motives; it’s easy to hear what they’re doing, the challenge is in hearing what they’re thinking.

Brian Baker - Amplifier Magazine

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