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Charlie Armour music licensing store
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Charlie Armour

About Charlie Armour: London artist and composer Charlie Armour's passion has always been music. Among his many professional credits are music for the films "Ikari" and "The Aswang Phenomenon" as well as short films "Toy Run" and "The Gig". He has also composed music for the video games "Conquest: Divide and Conquer" and "Martial Arts Odyssey: Volume One Kuntaw & Bokator". Charlie continues to compose and record music for projects all over the world in the Dramatic, Classical, Horror and Action genres.

Charlie Armour's professional accomplishments are all the more remarkable since he deals with a rare form of Lueuodystrophy daily, which limits the use of his legs and hands. He continues to add to his portfolio of composing scores for Films, Video Games, Television, Advertising, and other projects. Charlie is a talented composer who doesn't give up and continues to turn out exciting and professional new works-check out his tracks here for proof.

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