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Barry James

About Barry James: If anyone is poised to inject new life into the ambient sound it is Barry James. His work in music is genre-spanning and continues to evolve as he seeks out new projects and creates new challenges for himself. James is heavily involved in exploring the push and pull between music and images. Among his recent projects is the score for the short film, The Human Condition, which debuted at independent film festivals in April 2008. James is also responsible for the infectious theme to and overall musical signature of the ironic and entertaining webisode comedy, Crewing Up.

James has been collaborating with other musicians since 1995, and is a veteran of many groups, including the dream pop band The Sunflower Conspiracy. Most recently, James was songwriter and lead guitarist for the Tucson-based alternative rock band Affirming the Consequent. At this point in his career, James’s goal as a musician to create music that functions flawlessly as an integral part of a larger project, such as a film...or a dream.

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