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Adrina Thorpe

About Adrina Thorpe: Californian Singer-songwriter Adrina Thorpe’s debut album, Elusive, was a sunny collection of light toned pop songs beautifully sung by a talented performer. As the opening chords and lyrics of ‘Impossible Dream’ set the context for the songs to come, it becomes clear that her second release delves deeper beneath the surface of the psyche. ‘Flawed I am and flawed I will remain, broken since the day the package opened.’ Flawless, however, is her delicately powerful vocal. Velvet rich but capable of soaring effortlessly to stratospheric heights, it perfectly conveys the emotions with which the songs are liberally laced.
Stylistically the songs are driven forward by Thorpe’s lyrical piano playing and are enhanced by a sympathetic production that never steps in the way of the music itself. Comparisons could be made to Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan and a host of other female piano-playing singers but while there are some inevitable similarities these are merely by dint of the instrumentation employed. Thorpe, while skirting around the fringes of the accessible mainstream, remains distinct and distinctive.

** note - most of the songs up here on youlicense are Adrina's more positive themed ballads. Check out her website to hear some of the darker more melancholic pop/rock tunes... which are also available for licensing. http://www.adrinathorpe.com

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