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Paul Gibbons

About Paul Gibbons: Entitled "Out With The Introspect", it is just that. A musical journey of deeper thoughts and emotions true to a solo effort. Self-produced,performed, written, and engineered, this album opened up avenues of musical direction previously limited in his past band, the Ryecatchers. Still staying true to his major British background of influences, you can here the Beatles melodic inspirations, blasting out with the power of brit-pop-Oasis stadium thunder. But it wouldn't be complete without some 80's new-wave grooves and tones. Bands from this era are deeply routed in Paul's pshyce, being an 80's child, and as current bands today have revived the new-wave-ish sounds (killers,franz, ect..) it was perfect timing for Paul to tap into those influences. As McCartney tends to be a massive influence in Paul's life, it doesn't go unoticed with big piano ballads, tapping on the 'maybe I'm amazed' zone whilst ending with epic David Gilmore-esque guitar solos. Overall, a large soundscape of feelings,tones,grooves and power emerge from this album, driving and satisfying Paul's urge to be, 'out with the introspect'.

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