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About Bohica: January 2006 began the process of recording their album "Written Ignition". An album which will show a much harder and energetic side of Bohica to the world. "It wasn't a conscious decision, simply a natural progression after 'No Apologies'" states James. In fact the writing process continued after the first album was released and the band wrote twice as many songs than appear on the new album choosing to be more selective this time around.

"The most obvious thing to us is that we've pushed ourselves 10 times harder on this album with our writing and our performances" declares Eng Wei gratifyingly. "We're so much prouder and happier with this album and can't wait for people to hear it".

It was a dream come true having the album finalised by legendary Mastering Engineer Eddy Schreyer in his Californian studio, as he had previously worked on some of the bands favourite albums of all time.

With the release of "Written Ignition" in July 2007 it will reinforce Bohica as one of the UKs top modern metal bands.

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