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Fabrian Goroncy

About Fabrian Goroncy: Fabrian Goroncy perfoms on stages in Germany, Italy, and U.S.A. since 1996. His current album "The Voice" entered the top-rotation on several big radio stations, reached the third rank of the German Pop Charts on Reverbnation1 and amazes his international fan community.

Fabrian Goroncy (*07.01.1978, Berlin) grew up in Germany and Italy. He started playing piano on his own and composing at the age of five. His first lyrics emerged at the age of ten and he produced boxes of manuscripts in the time that followed. The music of Cat Stevens and Jim Croce inspired him to teach himself to play the guitar. He composed his first songs on the guitar in singer-songwriter style when he was 18 years old.
The first recording project was the single "Picture Of A Lady" (1996), produced with Heiko Hübschmann. The first singer-songwriter album "Welcome Home" followed 2006. Fabrian Goroncy performs with the instrumentalist Matthias Behrends since 2007. In the same year, the work on the album "The Voice" started and resulted in the release of the latter in November 2009. The tracks on this album are a selection of more then 30 pop-compositions that were created for the album.

The Voice (2009)
Welcome Home (2005)
Changing Times (2000)
Seven Oaks Live (1998)
Picture Of A Lady (1997, Single)
Dance On Fire (1996, Single)

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