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About Supercasanova: Supercasanova is Eric Bonerz and Bob Remstein, taking bits and pieces of 1960s and '70s lounge music, orchestral pop, Latin jazz, and easygoing pop/rock, and applying contemporary drum loops and programming, keyboard parts, guitars, horns, and vocals to make a loungetronica hybrid. In short, it's a happy collision of old and new.

The group was founded back in 2001 by Eric and also Michael Cudahy, better known as the Millionaire (co-leader of '90s cocktail revivalists Combustible Edison). During the course of recording the group's first album, they called upon Bob to add keyboard parts, which he did with mischievous joy. He had so much fun that when the Mil decided to pursue other interests, Bob stepped in and became Eric's co-writer and -producer.

In 2004, that debut album, "Eternity Now!," came out in Japan on Rambling Records, and it charted in the lounge top 10 there for most of the summer. Combining samples, live parts, and odd bits of dialogue, the CD showed off the band's humorous side, while also establishing them as an outfit with a unique sound and style.

After creating tracks for advertising and other media, including songs for episodes of "Without a Trace" and "Chuck," as well as for "The Guiding Light," Eric and Bob got back to a more stripped-down Supercasanova sound in 2009, producing the 18 tracks that make up "Music to Shop By."

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