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Chunky Music

About Chunky Music: Chunky Music, an independent record label, came to exist in 1995 during the recording of Jacinta's first album, Dedicated to a Stranger. "What kind of music do you call this?" Someone asked during a studio break. Jacinta responded, "Its Chunky Music".

Too technologically progressive to be plainly retro and too insightful to be plainly electronic, its music that journeys in the spaces in between. The music can be comprised of recycled chunks and original grooves having a tendency to loop in sections, with swirls of lush keyboards, irregular bursts of organic instruments and an unmistakable voice prancing throughout. It alters listeners moods and behaviors ranging from intense excitement accompanied by rhythmic movement to trance-like reflective states of healing.

Today the indie label has a larger team with the addition of a new force in Colin (Barnsey) Barnes, who has taken the label to new heights, but its main focus remains in promoting its founder, Jacinta.

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