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About 27Miles: 27MILES is a four-piece original southern rock band spawned within the great outburst of raw musical talent from the burgeoning Malibu music scene. Their unique sound and a philosophy to "keep it real by staying true to who they are and honoring those that paved the way before them", come together to create unique and timeless music. Formerly Malibu's popular band 454, 27MILES features the rarefied combination of its original co-founders: singer, songwriter and guitarist Kevin Solomon, a.k.a. "SOLLY", and songwriter and guitarist Donny Kulp. Front man SOLLY brings masterfully adept guitar work, a powerful, emotion-eliciting gravel voice and gift of gab personality; paired with Kulp's prolific songwriting abilities and visceral and passionately explosive guitar expertise. As their sound developed and the songs began to come together for their debut album, they brought in British songwriter/producer Daniel Wills (Son of Rick Wills – Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Bad Company) to help finish some ideas and come up with a few songs to complete the album. As a trio these three are a force to be reckoned with. All understanding what the end result must be, timeless classics! "They are truly the next classic rock band of our generation and they continue to aspire to live the dream!" says Wills. Daniel introduced the band to Producer/Engineer Brian Dobbs (Metallica, Motlëy Crue), who mixed tracks for their 2006 debut release 'Bringin' It Back'.

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