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Callum Hendry music licensing store
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Callum Hendry

About Callum Hendry: My name is Callum Hendry, I have lived mostly in Lambeth , South East London , England , UK , most of my life. I relocated to Wick , North Scotland , UK in 2000 and have been based there since. Since the year 2001 , I have been having professional music productions of my songs by various US music production demo services. I have spent money on music equipment , such as a Rode NT2 microphone , an expensive studio microphone cable made by Monster Cable and a Focusrite Mic Pre amp. I also bought Making Waves ( a British sequencer ) for my computer because I read on www.makingwavesaudio.com , that Daniel Bedingfield uses Making Waves.Checkout myspace.com/callumhendry for all blogs and current songs I've decided to put in my ten song player , also www.callumhendry.com.

Callum Hendry
March , 2010

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