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Cheli Turner

About Cheli Turner: Sometimes we all have a hard year. A year that can really break you.

That is the kind of year it was for Cheli Turner when she began writing this album. A year of great sorrow that resulted in extreme growth. A year where Cheli learned what it really meant to love and to experience profound loss.

The journey began with a gift for Dan, Cheli’s Stepdad - a Christmas album, mixed by Rusty Yanok. Soon after recording, Cheli came back in to sing some of her originals. Rusty and Cheli quickly became a writing team, each bringing their own skill, emotion and faith to the table.

The result is a glimpse into the heart of this artist. Songs written from the deep, inner part of her, sung with emotion that is raw - yet remains sweet.

Many musicians today write about fluffy, feel good subjects. Cheli writes about subjects that are real, powerful, and universal. Subjects such as finding love, finding comfort, loss, sadness, happiness, and the doubt we all face and struggle with in our lives.

Cheli is above all else, real, and when you hear her music, you will not just enjoy the beat and her sweet voice - you will undertake a journey into your own heart.


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