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Clarence Jackson music licensing store
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Clarence Jackson

About Clarence Jackson: I was born in Fla., I started writing lyrics in high school but didn't really put together a whole song until I was on guard duty one morning 12am-8 shift, in the US Navy and that was the beginning of my song writing endeavors. "Always Remember" was about the 4th song I wrote back in the 80's. It has changed a little from its original written format. I just recently got "Always Remember" published, with HillTop Records in LA. It will be included on a compilation project called "The Land That I Love",

This was a hobby for me, and I never really intended to try to make a living from my music, but lately I have been getting a lot of attention and encouraging interest. "Always Remember" has received the Publishers Choice award for "Outstanding Achievement in Poetry", with the International Library of Poetry and was featured on the first page of the 2003 edition (book) THE COLORS OF LIFE, with poetry.com. It also received a (recognized artist award from UK songwriting contest). I have written many poems, four of which have been published in books with poetry.com, three awarded the Editors Choice Award for outstanding achievement. Further I just recently, was offered a two song; song writing contract with record Company in Nashville; after winning the Director's Award for : Always Remember" and “I Want to Be the Next American Idol" in a songwriting contest

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