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About SPINSIDE: In a nutshell: four guys from a land far-far away who spent their early years completely submerged into something they could never imagine their lives without - music. From the Rolling Stones to Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, from the Beatles to Radiohead and U2, and from Black Sabbath to Metallica and Motley Crue they absorbed the unique sensation real art brings to the listener. Even though their journeys were entirely different each of them knew the day would come when they will have matured enough to bring something of their own into the music world. And they will be heard. Years and endless bands, gigs, and recordings later they’ve finally joined forces at the beginning of a new path – SPINSIDE.

Mesmerizing grooves and catchy-as-hell melodies are virtue enough, but combined with elaborate and highly original arrangements multiplied by a powerful drive and contemporary sound they are SPINSIDE’s formula of creative longevity. And there’s none of that cloned plastic ‘fix-it-in-the-mix’ overproduced bubble-gum substance floating around airwaves nowadays either. What you see is what you get – stunning performances and raw energy.

With numerous live shows both solo and as an opening act along with multiple TV and radio appearances thousands of people in their home country have had the chance to see for themselves what SPINSIDE’s all about. Now with the released 5-song EP ‘Against All Odds’ and full-length LP ‘No Time Better Than Right Now’ following shortly so can you.

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