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Bryan Gorsira

About Bryan Gorsira: Bryan Gorsira has found a way to contribute a gilt-edged album to the Americana music world.

Truly remarkable songwriting and a profound emotional waterfall of real music gives Bryan's addition to the independent music world, a poignant and double edged musical blow.

With elegant classical guitar vibes and the amazing vocal stylings of Dana Cooper and Julie Forrester, (who Bryan uses on many of these tracks) the musical canvas they've painted is absolutely Picassoesque.

Influences from the Bare Naked Ladies, Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash among others are apparent throughout and with company like this, there's no telling how far Bryan can take his collection of musical gems.

Producer Tom Manche has expertly kept the rough edges where required but also added a few nice tricks of his own. All of this makes a pretty impressive record, especially by one who claims himself to be an ‘amateur’. If that’s true, then there’s a few pros who should be looking over their shoulders at Bryan Gorsira.

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