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Karl Williams music licensing store
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Karl Williams

About Karl Williams: Karl’s songs have aired on NBC’s Sunday Today and FOX TV’s Til Death; Earlychildhood Magazine included some of Karl’s songs for kids in the curriculum it developed for a program of The Jane Goodall Institute.
Radio stations around the world have picked up Karl’s popular songs. His work has been written up in “Working Musicians” (HarperCollins, 2002) and SingOut! Magazine. The CD Karl produced and recorded with members of the national self-advocacy group found a place on the Grammy ballot in 1998. ASCAP has given Karl several awards for his work with this movement. Karl has also published two books with leaders in the movement. (Self-advocacy is the civil rights work of people with intellectual disabilities.)
Karl’s songs have been used in videos and on websites; his stories, poems, and reviews have been published in magazines and books and online; and his plays – and two of his stories – have been presented on stage.

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