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About Crazylicious: Crazylicious first began playing music back in 1996 when he was around seven years old. He began by taking lessons and playing the piano and keyboard. As he progressed on the piano, he quickly picked up many other instruments including the guitar, bass, key-tar, synth, and theremin. When he was twelve, he started a band with his two bothers, that was primarily a rock band. However after two years they began to incorporate more and more electronic aspects into their music. When Crazylicious was about 17, one of his brothers dropped out of the band due to the fact that it had strayed so far from its original roots as a rock band. Crazylicious and his other bother continued with the band going further with the electronic sound. As the progressed they began to develop a unique fusion of electronic and rock. They used all electronic instruments but the song structure and their live performances were that of a rock band. Crazylicious and his brother continued with this band for two more years until Crazylicious graduated from high school. Upon Crazylicious’ graduation, in 2007, he ended the band and moved from San Antonio, Texas to San Francisco, California. After arriving in California, Crazylicious continued to push his unique electronic/rock blend. He quickly gained a solid fan base and began performing frequently in and around the bay area. In 2008 he released his first full album. He has been touring the west coast and working on his newest album since then.

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