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About NKiSHi: Artist: NKiSHi

BEAT BOX DRIP SOUND is the working title of NKiSHi's Debut, which he currently composes, records and produces - almost entirely with his mouth; together with occasionally added bass, guitars, synths and whatever else makes its way into his favoring ears and onto a song.

NKiSHi's passion-felt and very original sounding compositions, brought together on his first solo work and influenced by the grand masters of musical genres reaching from Reggae, Soul, IDM and Pop to World, promise an unmissable and highly anticipated treat for body, mind and soul.

With very possibly at least five Album releases in 2011, co-involving him creatively in some form and/or other (including artists such as The Dining Rooms (- Cesare Malfatti, Stefano Ghittoni), DEPRODUCERS (- Howie B, Riccardo Sinigallia, Max Cassaci, Gianni Maroccolo, Vittorio Cosma), Riccardo Sinigallia (- Tiromancino, Max Gazzé, Niccolo Fabbi), Mouse on Mars, Denis Longhi (CasaNoego, Les FLeurs USB), and others), NKiSHi (a.k.a. Dodo NKishi) seems to be something like a best-kept secret weapon when it comes to collaborations.

NKiSHi's versatility, writing skills, as well as his uniquely soulful voice and grooves, will all come to shine on BEAT BOX DRIP SOUND and transmit to the listener...

***one love***
(stay tuned)

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