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Michael Kenzik

About Michael Kenzik: Michael Kenzik is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. His debut album Death Of A Chain Smoker is a collection of heart felt songs recorded simply and intimately with a couple of guitars and some recording software. The main stand out is Kenzik’s voice. Raspy and world weary, like a piece of sandpaper it rubs gently against the music. Lyrically the songs draw from the personal, often with some interesting wordplay. The title track is one example. Of it he says, “The song “Death Of A Chain Smoker” is a metaphor. It’s not about chain smoking although I am a heavy smoker myself. But it’s a metaphor for the things people do everyday that they know aren’t good for them, whether it’s a relationship they’re in with the wrong person or whatever it is. For whatever reason they continue on with it even though they know, that they’re doomed.”

He paints an often lush and beautiful soundscape with a few simple tools. “I like the feeling of the music without drums; everything sort of floats and hangs in the air in a certain way without having a downbeat pounding away. It’s obvious where the beat is, but when it’s implied rather than sounded it creates a different feeling. It also leaves a lot of space you can fill up with other things, and they stand out more, so some of the songs have like 15 guitar tracks or something…but usually playing subtle little things.”

Death Of A Chain Smoker is a fine introduction to be sure and Michael Kenzik is an artist to watch.

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