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2SO4 music licensing store
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About 2SO4: The Players of the 2SO4 Theatrical Muscle Machine: 1.C. Butch James:Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar 2. June Townsend; aka Guitar Man: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Sitar, Mandolin; Banjo, Steel Guitar, Background Vocals, Guitar Soloist: 3. Len Smith; aka Miss Lady, aka Kenpo Kitty: Lead & Background Vocals, Special Effects Vocalist, Key Boards, Solo Vocalist: 4. Arissa Baldwin; aka Foxy; aka Boss Lady: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Solo Vocalist, Key Boards: 5. Dawn Rice; aka Sexy: Supporting Vocalist, Lead Vocals: 6. Reggie Hoover; aka Duce Duce, aka Councilor, aka Iron Fan; Special Effects Vocalist, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal Soloist: 7. Copeland Butch James; aka Butch: Background Vocals, Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, 12 String Acoustic, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Soloist: This is a Master Puppet Production: " That's Right"! Duce Says; 'Wabble Wabble'-Cause; "I Just Wanna See That Thong"!

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