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About fanisatt: Iam an amateur musician who loves digital music composition. My "web name" is fanisatt . I can listen to a lot of music kinds but, when I make music I prefer the classic or soft melody lines , rich chord progression and rich orchestration. I usually work alone. My small home studio incudes a fast computer , 2 midi keyboards , a pair of monitors (KRK) , a mixer and a microphone for vocals. I mainly use free software and a lot of official demos of commercial one. Iam a collector of free vst instruments and plugins.
If there are vocals, the singer is my daughter , an amateur like me.
I don't sell music ! (See http://www.soundclick.com/fanis).

One man band ......
Sometimes my daughter sings if she is not boring .......
Sometimes my wife wants to destroy my poor computer and other musical equipment , because I spend a lot of hours in my home studio. So I use successfully a variety of "rescue plans". Thanks GOD. I am still alive in my home studio.
Every time I want to record vocals , I have to turn off the TV and I put ...... in the mouth of my dog a big bone !
I also have to beg my wife to be absolutely quiet and this is the most difficult part of the entire "recording preparation".
What a band history !!!!

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